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About Page 

Hey There, I'm Rich Crandall and I'm Glad to Meet You​​
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Have you ever wondered if you can get more out of life?  Is there something inside you burning to motivate or inspire you?  Is there something screaming inside you for something better safer and secure?  Or do you want a career that inspires you?
​Have you ever wondered how you can be legitimately Financially Free, Happier and Healthier, making it so you continually make an impact and are prepared for the future, or you're in the future and you find yourself needing resources?

If you're sick of the rat race and lack of freedom, I've been there and know how you feel
-  You're sick of your regular working week
-  You have stress over not making enough money to get ahead
-  You have no spare cash or the time freedom to do the additional things
-  You want more vacations, to pay for college for you your spouse or children
-  You're looking for a way to secure your financial future...to leave a legacy
-  You don’t have enough money to retire comfortably
-  You simply want to live life on your own terms
My life’s work now is to help others realize their Freedom producing dreams.  

​​​​My passion - To share Business Health & Wellness Plus Personal Development information.  There are too many people out there in the world.. working along merily but unprepared for the future because they are relying on employment (instead of business) and fluctuating and/or eventually withering investments to supply them with sufficient income.

There is a better way..Network Marketing or Direct Marketing Home Based Business is what we teach along with Health and Personal Development." 

Working consistently with a good company gives you all the power with a back-up "spare time" plan that eventually turns into Freedom Residual Income.  Kinda like building an early or normal retirement income, with Financial Freedom type income for the present.
​​​​So What Have I Been Up To..................

Corporate Career

 Pathway to Home Based Business & Freedom


 For a career I worked in my Human Resources expertise in corporate America...  Yes, I am one of those who stayed with the same company for their entire career.  I began woking as a bank officer trainee and got my first full time assignment as an assistant in the Personnel Department and climbed to a Vice President of Human Resources.   

When I felt there was nowhere further to go and make a contribution and could see I was helping my bosses dreams more than mine I decided to end my career and try the good life working on my own in of all things, Network Marketing and Home Based Business.

Personal Interests

Once I left my career at the bank I took time off and just enjoyed freedom... I took early retirement and lived off the investments I had made throughout my career. 

The strangest thing happened, I was called “out of the blue” by a network marketer (don’t you hate those calls, it feels like you have a big target on your chest). 

But I did listen, and out of character, I actually joined (so much for hating those calls) and here’s what has me in the game of Network Marketing Home Based Business ……

The person who called me "out of the blue" went on to end up making in the category of over $100,000 per year simply by referring people to a better situation in the company I joined.... and what did I do? 

Well, I enjoyed the products, and by the way they were/are awesome, but could never quite bring myself to be a marketer. 

But when I was shown how to simply refer people seeking what I was seeking, rather than trying to convince them, and being able to do it online, I began to be serious about Network Marketing and legitimate Home Based Business again.

​That has me really excited and now in my blog and generally on my website, I have that great desire to pass on my knowledge to others seeking a better life and Financial Freedom....it is easily within their grasp.  

I studied and studied to make this all work and then it all became history.  I’ve learned so much about personal development and Health and Wellness plus Home Based Business that, as you can see, I began blogging about all three of those subjects.

And By focusing on helping others grow their home based businesses, I am able to grow my business.  That’s one of the beautiful things about network marketing and Home Based Business!

I’m a passionate, but not rediculous, sports fan, and I have my local favorites. 
Hey, where else can you compete and the best participant that day wins, with the ability for the loser to work hard to excel the next time they are out there competing.

Time freedom and having a great lifestyle is one of the biggest draws to network marketing and Home Based Business for me.  Where else can you find this kind of lifestyle?..Do what you want when you want w/o financial worry.

My family; talented artistic wife, teenage son.. musician and athlete, and married daughter who is an outdoors and dog lover and orthodontic procedure sales specialist, is/are my real interest.  

We hike, ski, enjoy friends and family and don’t travel near enough but plan to in the near future.  Network marketing makes it possible to be there for my family...  all of whom are an absolute joy.

The Lord has blessed us and the experience I’ve had from playing sports, having had a great career, having an incredible family and studying Personal Development, Health and Wellness coupled with How to work a Home Business to make Freedom producing income, are my passions.



Final Thought

Honestly it amazes me that some people have the need to get ahead in life without having to put up with the corporate culture and don't try risk free Home Business, because they have heard the slightest negative thing about the internet scams, or have preconceived negative notions about this company or that company that provides a Home Business opportunity. 

To those of you who fall into that category I say there's nothing wrong with most of these companies, they need to make money of course but they provide an inexpensive business opportunity for you to thrive and they have done the heavy lifting by providing a business platform so you don't have to.............. you really do owe it to yourself to spread your wings and make it happen in Home Based Business.